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I was asked to direct the new Nexo Knights 4D stereoscopic them park ride for Legoland. I headed up the creative on the production and set out to make a much higher quality version of the TV show. I really wanted to push the 3D camera and 4D effects and create a 12 minute expierience that kids would want to watch again and again. You can see it now in Legoland and Discovery Centers worldwide.

LEGO: Nexo Knights 4D 'The Book Of Creativity'

Year of production: 2015 - 2016. Running Time: 1 min

CGI Animation / Color / Sound

To try and help the production crew realise my creative vision I edited a style reel of various movie shots to explain visually what I wanted. This piece of material was invaluble when we were in the throws of production because the crew could reference back to it at anytime and understand just what I wanted.

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