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LEGO: Nexo Knights

I directed episodes from the first season of Lego's new IP property Nexo Knights. I also helped develop the animated show as well as write the creative brief of the original show tender for M2 Entertainment. 

Year of production: 2014 - 2015. Running Time: 1:12 sec

CGI Animation / Color / Sound

For the creative pitch I was required to give my vision for the overall animated show. This included my take on how the story and characters should play out., how they interacted and how they would act as well as the general vision for how we would make the entire production from a creative standpoint. For the original tender I collaborated with the talented Amin Faramarzian to produce a selection of concept artwork to show my creative vision. I also wrote and produced a short animated sequence to show the animation style as well as an animatic sequence to provide what the productions animatics would play like. To try and get my comedic side across to a panel I wouldn't meet I produced a version of the animatic with myself providing all the voices, sound effects and music. Finally I also made a short directors intro so that Lego could see why I was passionate about the project and my childhood connection to their brand.

When we went into production I edited a style reference for the storyboard artists. I used a selection of Marvel films and took their fight and action sequences to give a general idea of how to compose the fight and action sequences within the TV show. The intent was to try and campture a higher quality of action sequence for an animated TV show.

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