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Dwayne's Brains

Dwayne's Brains was part of an incubator program at Disney TV Animation in the USA. The aim was to create a character that would spark interest into developing a show further. I co-created, co-wrote, produced and directed the short character test. I also designed the character, drew all the key poses for animation, co-designed the backgrounds and composited the entire short.

Year of production: 2014. Running Time: 1:13 min

2D Digital Animation / Color / Sound

There were several versions of the animatic produced, at one point the piece had a runtime of 3 and a half minutes. It was clear as the animatic progressed that it needed to be sweet and short, leaving the audience wanting more. It was tough cutting some of the gags but ultimately the final edit works as it should. Below are the last 3 variations of the animatic.

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